"Tom is a well respected attorney, mediator and arbitrator, whose evenhanded treatment of counsel and their clients has made him an "in demand" ADR option for parties seeking to avoid costly litigation and settle cases. Tom will work hard to get the referred case settled! I would strongly recommend him to lawyers seeking to resolve complex claims."


                                         - Plaintiff's Counsel

“In selecting Attorney Helbig as a neutral arbitrator or mediator, all parties can expect that he will be well-prepared, fair to both sides both before and at any hearing, as well as have an intuitive understanding as to the fair and reasonable value of the claims presented. As a mediator, Attorney Helbig has the finesse, courteous forcefulness, and stamina to push all parties closer and closer to the eventual resolution of the claims presented, usually within a range that both parties expected to end up at. His ADR services are highly recommended by members of both the Plaintiff's and the defense bar, not to mention the local judiciary.”


                                              - Insurance Defense Counsel

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